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Medicaid planning deals with a myriad of services provided by different types of skilled professionals. In general, Medicaid planning can be described as any assistance given to a potential Medicaid applicant in advance of them submitting their application. Medicaid planning can be a simple process or highly complex, depending on the extent to which your assets need to be restructured so you qualify.

Engaging in Medicaid Planning

Families take on Medicaid planning because they want to ensure the best chance of acceptance into the Medicaid program. Long-term care is incredibly expensive, and families want to make sure their loved ones do not go without the care they need. The process of applying for Medicaid can also be very complex. At times, it can be a simple process of collecting the right paperwork. Other times, a person’s entire asset portfolio much be reallocated and restructured so they can qualify for Medicaid.

Working with an experienced Medicaid planning attorney can speed up the review process, as it tends to be a lengthy one. Should you be on the road to applying for Medicaid personally, or for a loved one, we highly recommend choosing an attorney who has the experience and skills to help with what can be a trying process.

Kevin P. Cummings PLC:  Brighton and Ann Arbor Medicaid Planning Attorney

As one of our clients, you will receive the personalized attention that you deserve regarding your Medicaid application. Kevin P. Cummings PLC has both the experience and years of professional know-how to make the process both worthwhile and personally satisfying. You are invited for a complimentary initial consultation at any time, where we can share with you some of the core strategies available to address your concerns and develop a conservatorship or guardianship that best protects your family and loved ones. If you are looking for an accomplished attorney, Kevin P. Cummings PLC has the experience to make your planning a unique and even enjoyable process.

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